Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review of my yesterday talk about Jopr at JUG-Ka

Going to Karlsruhe to talk to the local Java User Group was a little bit like going back in history - I used to live for over 10 years in Karlsruhe and did study computer sciences at the University. So I was giving the talk in an auditorium where I used to sit my self on the benches years ago.

I went to Karlsruhe by train, took the tram to the city center and then walked to the University and the CS building. When I arrived the first two members of the audience have been there. David who used to organize the event unfortunately got ill and was not able to attend.
After some waiting, the audience grew to more than 20 people.

Before I started my talk, there was a presentation about Jazoon by Christian Frey. Christian explained why it is worthwhile to attend Jazoon and left some vouchers for user group members.


Christian Frei talking about Jazoon

Next was my talk, which went well. The audience was interested and from the questions, it was obvious that at least some of the members have management and monitoring experience. This also resulted in some good new ideas.

Of course I did a live demo of the latest Jopr 2.2 beta 1 release.

After the talk there was some Q&A and then (nearly) everyone went home quickly as it was already past 9pm.


Part of the audience

Eckes took a picture of me ..

You will be able to download the slides from the Jug pages; or from here (PDF, 2 MB).

I ended up back home at 1am this morning ...

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david said...

Scanning through the slides, I wish I was there! Thanks again and you are always welcome to speak again (maybe with "Profiler, the better debugger")!