Thursday, August 27, 2009

Twitter plugin + alert sender for Jopr updated

I've updated the twitter plugin for Jopr:

Manual add instead of auto discovery

The Twitter feed is no longer autodiscovered, but you have to go to the platform and explicitly add it there.

Bild 11.png

The reason behind it is that most users don't want to have a twitter feed discovered on each agent.

To learn more about auto discovery vs. manuall add, have a look at my post "Jopr plugins: Autodiscovery vs. manual add".

Support for other Twitter-like services

The plugin is now also able to post to other twitter-like services like (or your own private one based on the code).
The serverBase is for, as well as the search base.
For Twitter, serverBase is and searchBase is

If you select the right template, this will automatically be filled in for you.
Bild 12.png

Alert sender updated too

I've also updated the Alert sending in the HEIKO-EXP branch to be able to send to other networks than Twitter.
This means that in the system configuration, there is a new field for the base url of the services api. See above for possible values.


I've just seen that Twitter is offering a streaming api. This may be a nice addition to the plugin. Today every request to obtain values opens a new connection to Twitter. With the streaming api, this could probably go away.

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