Monday, October 26, 2009

RHQ Bugtracker moves to Bugzilla - action required

RHQ project logo

Project RHQ, which is the foundation for Jopr will soon move all bug tracking from the old JIRA system at over to a bugzilla instance at Red Hat.

So when you have an account at the jira and reported bugs, you should follow those steps to have your cases linked to you on the new bugzilla site:

  1. Go to bugzilla at

    1. If you don't yet have an account create one with your preferred email address.
    2. If you do have an account, login (or submit a password change request then login). And make a note of the email address you are using.

  2. Go to RHQ jira (,
    log in and set your email address through your profile (!default.jspa) to the one you are using in bugzilla above.

Cutover will happen within the next few days

For now, the Jopr bugtracker will stay at the JBoss jira, but will probably also merged into bugzilla in the future.

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