Thursday, October 01, 2009

RHQ tip of the day: Help, my resource does not show in the tree!

We see it from time to time that people have correctly set up Jopr or RHQ and want to monitor e.g. a JBoss AS server or other resources. They even have an agent running on the machine with the JBoss AS on, but still it does not show up in the resource tree of this platform.

Most often this is a simple issue, as the resource is just sitting in the queue to be imported into inventory:

Screenshot of autodiscovery portlet

Just select the ones you want to import, click on the import button and after a second, the resource will show up in the resource tree below its platform.

Jopr and RHQ require this on purpose, as this way you can ignore e.g. servers that are just up at the moment of import, but which are not to be managed.

As you have seen that resources can be ignored, there is also a way to "bring them back" when you decide later to import them. Either click on "View all..." in the Auto-Discovery portlet seen above or select Auto discovery queue from the Overview menu, then select Both new and Ignored from the drop-down:

Bildschirmfoto 2009-10-01 um 10.14.02.png

This will show ignored resources, that you can check and then click un-ignore to get them back into the new state from where you can finally import them.

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