Tuesday, November 02, 2010

RHQ tab sweep

It has been a while since the last tab sweep, so quite some material has accumulated:

First and notably: we now have contributor guidelines, which should make it easier for everyone to get contributions into RHQ.

Alexander Kiefer has finsihed his master thesis work on the Nagios Plugin and the dynamic types detection. The later work needs to picked up and worked on further. A big part of the resource type (and metric scheduling and .... code depends on the static nature of the metadata in the plugin descriptors. The code is currently in the nagios branch in git.

Anyway: congrats Alex and many thanks for your work and also thanks to your employer, AG der Dillinger Hütten,for sponsoring this work.

Steve Millidge contributed a large overhaul of the MySQL plugin to RHQ - thanks Steve!

The team is currently working on transitioning the UI to GWT for RHQ 4. To see what is going on, you can have a look at a short video overview or play with the first developer preview.

And then there was conference season for me and I gave talks at JUDCon Berlin and 1daytalk Munich:

Mazz has written an interesting article on how to do some RHQ agent profiling via Byteman. He also wrote about remotely installing agents on yet unmanaged machines.

Joseph Marques has written a short article on the new search functionality and a longer analysis on GWT compile performance - this is quite interesting and for sure also helpful for other projects that want to use GWT.

John Sanda has written a whole series of articles on usage of the RHQ cli:

Jay Shaughnessy has also written an article about the RHQ CLI. He is talking about using the provisioning feature from the CLI.

Lukáš Krejčí has also written a series of articles:


As always, please give us (and / or the article writers feedback).

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I just stumbled across this:

but could not RHQ, maybe RHQ doesnt consider itself to be a NMS?
I think this would be great marketing to include RHQ. I do not know much enough to fill it out myself... Maybe some experts can do this.