Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I am a RHCSA now :-)

Last week I spend the whole week in the Red Hat training center here in Stuttgart, participating in the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) fast track course and exam. The RHCSA is probably still very unknown and better known under its previous name "RHCT". RHCSA runs on RHEL 6.

The fast track training consists of some more basic aspects of system administration like installing and enabling services, setting up networking in the first half and some more advanced topics like ACLs, SELinux, LVM (with encryption and snapshots) in the second part. The course material works with brand new RHEL 6 stuff and also the exam is on RHEL 6. Top notch!

Friday was exam time. As I am not allowed to talk about this only so far: this is a real-world get things done kind of exam and not some multiple choice test.

And then I was waiting for exam results - and today I got it: I passed and I am now a RHCSA! :-)))

Cert number is 100-003-383



NorthMan said...

What books/guides/materials did you use?
I have real life experience but I'm looking for a guide, any recommendations?


Heiko said...



During the course good material is provided and each chapter contains a lot of practical exercises.

The exam it self is without any external material (books, Google, ... ). But if you have paid attention during the course and have some unix (administration) experience, you don't need that anyway.


Hussi said...

Congrats Heiko
Yes exactly Redhat conduct sort of real scenario based exams

but can you please share the study material you got during course so it will also give an idea about whats topics exam actually covers

I will be very thankful to you for this act and will pray for your future endeavour

My email address is ""


Heiko said...

the study material is a printed book - and lots of drawing on the whiteboard -- not so easy to send it via email ;.)

Seriously: the Red Hat web page lists the topic covered here:

Click on course outline, which leads you to :