Wednesday, May 04, 2011

RHQ 4 - alerting on call time data

One of the features of RHQ 4 (I think it was hidden in RHQ 3 already) is alerting on Call time data (aka Response time data). This code was contributed by Frank Br├╝seke quite some time ago (thanks again, Frank).

By default that feature is hidden (inRHQ 3 only; RHQ 4 has it enabled by default), so you first have to enable it in the system settings:


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System settings
Now (and don't forget to enable the gathering of call time data) when you go to a resource that has calltime data (e.g. stateless session beans or web apps), you can define alerts on call time data. In the first step, you select one of the two available options:
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Add alert condition
Here you can select crossing/matching of a threshold or change of a calltime value. In the last step you need to provide the call time entry to check and some reference values:
Bildschirmfoto 2011 05 04 um 10 15 05
Select condition values and comparator
In the last section you can also give a regular expression on what to alert; this allows you limit e.g. the methods that will be checked for SLSBs or the URLs for web applications.
As always: please provide feedback. When the feedback is positive, we may un-hide this feature for future versions of RHQ.


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