Monday, May 02, 2011

RHQ 4 released

RHQ logo wallpaper

The RHQ team is proud to have released version 4.0 of RHQ monitoring and management project after 10 month of hard work. Most prominent change is the huge rewrite of most parts of the GUI in GWT.


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New features include:

  • new SmartGWT-based GUI
  • support for Postgres 9.0
  • support for deleting Agent plugins
  • support for executing an RHQ CLI script when an alert fires (for more info, see this blog)
  • improved authorization for content repositories - public/private repos, repo owners, and MANAGE_REPOSITORIES priv
  • Much improved MySQL agent-plugin (by Steve Milidge)
  • New logfile alert-sender (by Steve Milidge)

Note that Internet Explorer is not fully supported (we expect to fully support it soon) - FireFox and Webkit-based browsers are fine.

You can browse the release notes to see a more detailed list of changes, new features and also known issued.

The binaries are available from SourceForge.

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