Wednesday, January 16, 2013

RHQ 4.6 beta released

The RHQ team has been very busy since RHQ 4.5.1 (and actually already before that) and has switched the application server it uses to JBoss AS 7.1. Directly after the switchover we have posted a first alpha version.

Now after more work and fixes, we are happy to provide a beta version of RHQ 4.6, that has all the issues resolved that arose from the switch. Features of this release are

  • The internal app server is now JBossAS 7.1
  • GWT has been upgraded to version 2.5
  • There is a new installer (this has also changed since the 4.6 alpha release)
  • The REST-Api has been enhanced
  • Korean translations have been added (contributed by SungUk Jeon)

You can download the release from source forge.

This wiki document describes how to use the new installer.

The first version of the download did unfortunately not contain the Korean locale -- that is now fixed. If you already have downloaded the zip and do not need the Korean locale, then you don't need to re-download.

Please try the release and give us feedback, be it in Bugzilla, Mailing lists or the forum.

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