Saturday, August 11, 2007

Must sees in Stuttgart (?)

As you know I am a regular qyper since end of last year. Recently I got asked by another qyper from outside Germany what are the must sees in Stuttgart.
Well, the first solution to this would be to just select the entries with 5 stars. But this still leaves a big chunk of things.

So this is a very subjective list of must sees from my point of view. All urls refer to qype entries:

- TV-Tower: This is located on the top of one of the surrounding hills and was the first all concrete TV-tower in the world. You have a great view from up there. You can get there with Subway U7 from main station.

- Killesberg (+ tower) it is a nice parc with a cool tower there as well. You can get there via U7 as well (in the other direction). When you are up there and are into architecture, then you should also go and see the Weissenhofsiedlung or on Qype

- The Zacke also gives nice views over Stuttgart. Tickets for public transport are vaid here as well.

- The Königsstraße is the main shopping mile and starts at the main station. When you walk this pedestrian zone, you pass by at the châteaus , the new Kunstmuseum (this entry only describes the bar, but the picture shows what to expect) This link is better:

Then of course as the City of Mercedes and Porsche there are museums as well:
- Porsche Museum (currently in construction, but the old one is not far away.
- Mercedes Benz Museum

There are plenty more things to see. Check out the Qype listing for Stuttgart

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