Monday, August 13, 2007

x2svg new release 1.2beta1

Project x2svg just released a new version, 1.2-beta1

Changes are
* Documentation updates
* Changed handling of the property file. See properties.html.
* Fixed a bug where the directory path of the input was appended to the output if only a directory was given for output conversion (x2svg-Bugs-1770327)
* The gui no longer silently swallows errors (x2svg-Bugs-1771512)
* Comments can be added to a diagram e.g. stating the input file or user (x2svg-FR-1770604)
* Improved XSD handling. Recursions are handled and a big Schema from @work can now be parsed. Inheritance is honored.
* Fix for: "The DTDParser was going into an endless loop" (x2svg-Bugs-1766097).
* Added a test suite.

It can be downloaded from the sourceforge download pages at:

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