Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sleepless in Stuttgart - Part III

Over two month have now passed since my last post.
Both Kids are doing fine. Marlene is much more moving around (but still not crawling).

Around six weeks ago we've implemented the 8-o-clock rule for Orlando and since that time we have our evenings back to us.
The rule is very basic: "Orlando is in bed at 8pm and daddy and mommy are out until the next morning". Actually we have tried this several times in the past, but never really succeeded. The big difference now is that he has an analog clock in his room, so he can directly see if the big needle is already at the top and little one on the eight or not. When he is in bed before eight, we still have some time for reading. If he is in late, it is relatively easy to point him to the clock and tell him that it is late now. That system really works well for us.

End of June we did a short trip to the Bodensee (Lake of Constance) where we had a good time altogether. We were staying at a farm with lots of toys for children. Unfortunately Orlando was the only German kid at his age (there was a French girl), so we still were his major friends for playing). Next time we do such a trip, we will try to convince friends to come with us, so that the kids can go playing on their own.

I am having my second month of Elternzeit and am currently discussing the implementation of that with the regional agency, as the law seems to allow to take the Elternzeit only on the n-th month of birth of the child. So if the child is born on 15th of a month, you can only take Elternzeit from a 15th to a 14th on the next month, but not e.g. from 1st to 31th. Unfortunately I didn't know that :-/ Well lets see, what comes ...

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