Friday, June 06, 2008

Good SIG meeting about jBPM (updated)

[ update: it is not jBPM 3.3 as I have written previously, but rather 3.2.3.
Also I added a link to the slides and the specific pages on the camunda home page ]

Yesterday we held a SIG JBoss meeting within the Java User Group Stuttgart.
Bernd Rücker from camunda gave a presentation about Business process simulation with jBPM.

First he introduced into business process management itself and then into jBPM, which was good as most of the over 20 attendees did not yet know about it.

Afterwards he was talking about statistics and simulation basics, how he married DESMO-J with jBPM and showed a live demo.

And you know the best?
His work has been committed to the jBPM repository, so version 3.2.3 (if it gets ever released) will contain it.

I would also like to thank Red Hat Germany for providing the location for that meeting.

The slides are available at

Introduction into BPS with jBPM

jBPM home page

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