Wednesday, June 18, 2008

RHQ - tip of the day: manual resource discovery

RHQ and JBossON 2 have both the possibility to automatically discover managed resources (see e.g. this posting for some details).

This autodiscovery is running at regular intervals. But sometimes you want to directly add a new managed resource like a freshly installed JBossAS server to your inventory. There are basically two possibilities (besides just waiting for the next autodiscovery to happen):

  • Trigger a manual autodiscovery on the server

  • Give a prompt command on the agent

Lets have a short look at both...

Trigger a manual autodiscovery on the server

In the RHQ-GUI go to the Operations Tab of the platform (=The machine) on which you started the new JBossAS server and click on "Manual Autodiscovery":

On the next page, select "Yes" for detailed discovery and click on "Schedule" below. This will take a few seconds and the just submitted operation will be shown in the history view. When it has finished, go to the Dashboard.

Give a prompt command on the agent

If you have your agent running in foreground and still have the agent commandline available, you can just issue a discovery --full command.

sending> discovery --full
Full discovery run in 4659ms

When the sending> prompt is back, go to the Dashboard in the GUI.

And Import ..

After you have discovered your resources, you still need to import them into inventory. To do this, go to the Dashboard and the autodiscovery portlet, that will show the resources you just discovered. Click on "Import" as usual:

(Screenshot was taken in JBossON 2)

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