Friday, June 27, 2008

Yesterday SIG-JBoss-Meeting about RHQ

Ok, I have to admit, that yesterday wasn't the best day to run a SIG-JBoss meeting
of the Stuttgart Java User Group, as the second semi final of the European Soccer Championship was also yesterday. But then we have seen all three goals on the big screen in a nearby Italian restaurant after the meeting anyway.

In the meeting I went a bit through what RHQ is, how it relates to JBossON, showed the components and then just did a live demo of the whole system.

After that we went through what it takes to develop plugins and showed some code (Yeah man, show me the code :-)

Conclusion was that RHQ, even if still lacking things is already very powerful and that the agent and server infrastructure does a lot for you for free.

My slides can be downloaded here (PDF, German).

If you are interested in RHQ, you can also pass by at the Red Hat booth at Java Forum Stuttgart, where I may be able to demonstrate that (or one of my colleagues).

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