Sunday, July 20, 2008

RHQ snmptrapd updated

Since I have created the SNMPtrapd plugin for RHQ, I have updated it with a lot of little features and corrections:

  • The listner port can be configured via gui

  • A severity oid can be configured via gui: if a varbinding with this OID is received, then it is taken to compute the even severity

  • It correctly binds and unbinds to its listening socket

  • OID to text mapping: As I am still looking for an open source MIB that fits my needs and that where development is active, I've added the possibility to put mappings of oid to text in a properties file

  • Sender address is not only for V1 traps computed

  • More information about V1 traps are put extracted and put in the resulting event.

The plugin is in SVN and its description is on the plugin wiki (which also has the link to SVN etc.).

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