Monday, August 11, 2008

Visit to Legoland

Two weeks ago we've been in Legoland Günzburg, which is around 1.5h away from Stuttgart (by car; Günzburg is also reachable via train).
Parking and entrance was no problem. We had tickets that we ordered over the internet and printed them by ourselves. At the gates, those got just scanned in, so there was no waiting in line.


Behind the entrance Orlando did for the first time not run away from a dog, but even approached it and patted it:


First station was the little express train which does a tour thorough the park which enabled us to get an overview. Unfortunately this has been our first 10 minutes wait on the day with more to come (in total the park was not full and wait times were not too bad).

Next we went through Miniaturland (a landscape with different scenes, all in 1:20 scale). And this really was one of the greatest parts of Legoland. Not only we enjoyed it, but Marlene was totally excited. Whenever she saw a moving car in it, she exclaimed "Da!" ('There') and pointed to it. I think she could have been there for hours.


(Rialto bridge from Venice, Italy)



(Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, Germany)

After this we went to lunch to the Dino-Grill. On the next picture you'll see some typical food here :-)

Otherwise Legoland featured some wild animals:



Knights on their horses:

Driving schools:

And a lot of other tourists:

The kids really liked the visit to Legoland and Orlando is very willing to go there soon again. Actually as he was rejected at two places for being to small, he is even now drinking milk to accelerate his height growth.

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