Tuesday, December 08, 2009

New experimental (ruby) script plugin for RHQ / Jopr (updated)

I've just committed an experimental 'script2' plugin to the RHQ git repository, that allows to write monitoring scripts in the Ruby programming language.

This plugin is not yet enabled in the normal build because of issues (see below) - if you want to have a look at it, go to modules/plugins/script2 and issue mvn -Pdev install.

To use the script, go to the platform and manually add a script2 resource
For the connection properties you need to specify the scripting language to use and the name of the script, which needs to exist at $AGENT/data/script2/ in the agents file system.

Your script needs to provide 3 functions: avail, metric(name) and trait(name) - here is an example to show this. By default 4 metrics named 'metric1'..'metric4' are collected as well as one trait called 'trait1'.

def avail
return 1
def metric(name)
return 4
def trait(name)
return "Hello Ruby World: #{name}"

Unfortunately there is still one issue in the code that makes the scripting engine "forget" the script, so that after some time you'll see
exceptions like the following show up:

:1: undefined method `avail' for main:Object (NoMethodError)

If you have an idea what is going on, please tell me.

Thanks to Yoko Harada I was able to isolate the issue and fix it. Basically the issue is that the script was evaluated in one thread and later its methods got invoked in other threads which did not contain the evaluated script. So now I am just always re-evaluating the script before calling invokeFunction(). This is somewhat slower, but works.

It looks like if I would use the Red Bridge api directly (which is part of the JRuby 1.4 distro), there would be a better way, but the current implementation would allow for different scripting languages. Which brings me to:

Also if you want to help to get other languages implemented, contact me.

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