Monday, December 21, 2009

RHQ / Jopr tab sweep

This post is to gather a few of the recent developments around RHQ and Jopr

Just in case you have missed it: RHQ 1.4.0.B01 is out - this build contains the Jopr plugins and thus is the successor of the Jopr-server builds that you have seen before.

Mailing lists:

We have opened two mailing lists for RHQ where we expect to bundle the email activities in the future:

  • rhq-users: for user questions around RHQ (including the Jopr plugins

  • rhq-devel: for developing with and on RHQ


Galder Zamarenno from Infinispan has created a video showing a three-node Infinispan cluster being monitored. It demonstrates graphical measurements, and non-graphical information of running Infinispan instances, addition or removal of monitored metrics and finally, execution of management operations on a Infinispan instance.

Mazz has created a demo on how to use the new server side plugins to periodically create reports on the server.

Alert senders:

Alert notifications can now be processed by plugins. This means that it is finally possible to easily write own notification schemes to forward alerts to various devices. Two posts show how to write such a sender (Part 1 & Part 2).

Agent plugins:

A new agent plugin allows to use script in Ruby and JavaScript to do monitoring. This allows to easily monitor resources via dynamic scripting languages without writing Java code.

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