Friday, September 18, 2009

Jopr talking

I have added an experimental alert sender to Jopr that can call administrators on their phone, tell them the alert conditions and can then take input via DTMF tones. This input can be used to disable or re-enable the alert definition or to clean out this alert from the alert history.

This all has been made possible by via the Mobicents server and SIP servlet.

Mobicents logo

A special thanks goes to Jean Deruelle from Mobicents, who wrote the integration part on the Mobicents side.

Podcast episode

I have created an episode of the Jopr podcast that shows the setup and some UI demo (the call on the SIP phone has been faked a little bit, as my screen capture program is always crashing at this point, but the message read is real).

As usual, this podcast episode is available on iTunes.

Show me the code...

The code on the Jopr side lives in There is also code on the Mobicents side, but we still need to clean up things and write some documentation on how to integrate them.

Ping me if you are interested in this integration.

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Ivelin said...

This is extra cool. Building this kind of application used to require multiple products from multiple vendors. You guys made it all work with 100% pure Java - JBoss technology. Hats off!