Monday, September 14, 2009

Snow Leopard - mixed feelings?

So far Snow Leopard is somewhat disappointing for me:

  • DNS - especially when VPN is on sucks, as SL is sometimes blacklisting very valid hosts all of a sudden. This results in e.g. "The computer is not connected to the internet" messages in Safari for sites like (see e.g. here)

  • The upgrade broke Aperture - the upgrade process removed a framework needed by Aperture. For me re-installing /Library/Frameworks/Pluginmanager.framework from a TimeMachine backup worked. (see e.g. here)

  • Older Software like Parallels 2.5 no longer works

  • Nambu 1.2 no longer works (and Nambu 2 is still in closed beta)

  • X-Lite 3 has no sound in/out. Dialing works though. And the beta of X-Lite 4 is not even able to show the preferences.

The biggest item for me is currently the DNS one, as this renders the system more or less unusable.

But then there is at least some good thing about it:

  • The internal VPN now works against Cisco concentrators, which is very nice

  • JDK 1.6 is finally available on 32 bit macs like my 3 years old MacBook

I will update this post, when I see more pros and cons.

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