Thursday, September 24, 2009

RHQ / Jopr agent waiting at startup

I have written in the past about RHQ and Jopr "agent waiting at startup. That actually was before high availability has been released, so it is a little outdated.

With high availability (HA) you will see one new type of issues: ip address forward and backward mappings do not match.

Basically you need to make sure that the IP address of your computer can be reverse mapped to the computer name and that this name mapps back to the same ip address.
And this needs to be true along all your hosts.

Suppose you have an IP address of, then the results of name resolution should look like the following:

$ dig -x
;; ANSWER SECTION: 86400 IN PTR snert
$ dig snert
snert 74030 IN A

If you had agent-server communication working before and it stopped all of a sudden, go to the Jopr server UI, to the Administration -> High Availability -> Server section and check if the name shown there matches what you expect - same for the agents.

If this all works, and the agent is still hanging, have a look at the older post to rule out other possibilities for misconfiguration.

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