Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Devoxx08 - day 3

JavaFX is strong on Devoxx, so the keynote (that I missed was about it). What I did not miss was the talk "From Concurrent to Parallel" by Brian Goetz - this was about the (possibly) upcoming JoinFork classes in Java 7. Brian was describing that the current thread and concurrency model is not suited for future computers with large number of cpu cores. JF provides some implicit divide-and-conquer algorithm working on a ParallelArray data structure. After his talk he was also signing copies of his book at one of the book stores in the exhibition area (Josh Bloch was also signing copies of his books there, even if his signing session will be tomorrow).

After lunch (there were sandwiches and soup, but when I arrived there was no more soup left), I had a talk with Mark Newton from the and went to the JPA2 session done by Mike Keith. Mike showed us the upcoming features of JPA2 and also a collection of funny signs in Canada. This talk was crowded even if a good part of the people didn't know much about JPA 1 at all.

As I am tired, there will be no photos today - I will supply some tomorrow again.

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