Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Whitepaper on how to write a plugin for JBossON, Jopr and RHQ available

I am very pleased to announce that Red Hat has published my plugin development series as white paper. This document got real formatting from the Red Hat creative team - and it is looking just great. I am very pleased with it. The following is a screen shot of the title page and if you want to see more, you have to download it :)


Image of the title page of the paper

You can get the paper from those locations:

Many thanks to the Creative team for going over my "rough" text in OpenOffice and making this look so great. I also want to thank Chris Morgan for his work, as well as my colleagues who have read the paper and have given me hints on how to improve it.

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alegomes said...

Congrats for the great job, Heiko!