Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Short Devoxx 08 summary

This post is a summary of a whole week of Java geekdom gathered together in Antwerp, Belgium

The conference was sold out with over 3200 attendees (propably not all did all the 5 days, as I have seen some that only were there on the first two university days). This had an influence on the quality of the Wlan (and the total internet connection) :-/ But in total it was a really good conference. I met a lot of colleagues and other interesting people, learned new things, got three books signed and also delivered three talks.

One of the major focuses of the conference was JavaFX, others were Java 7 with support for dynamic languages and dynamic languages per se.

Of course you can also read my reviews of the individual conference days:

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Photo of me at the speakers dinner, of me presenting and here.

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