Friday, December 19, 2008

Plugin generator for Jopr/JBossON/RHQ updated

As I wrote previously, I have written a plugin generator for Jopr, JBoss ON and RHQ, which is hosted in the RHQ source tree.

This generator asks a few questions on the command line and creates the necessary directory structure and artifacts depending on the answers.

Since the last posting, I have updated the generator a lot, so that it
is now also able to generate embedded child servers/services and also supports most of the entries in the plugin descriptor.

I have added a dedicated page for the plugin generator in the RHQ wiki.

The old 1.0 version of the binary from the previous post has been removed.

Please provide feedback and report bugs to me.

Btw: If you are new to writing a RHQ plugin, you might want to first check out the "How-To"-Whitepaper.

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